Gary D. Duzan
Fri, 09 Apr 93 09:10:50 -0400

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   Dennis Marer <> wrote:

=>1. Why are you working on Moose?  (Be detailed!)
=>2. What are your intentions?  (Technical knowledge/just for fun/fame/fortune/
=>	fast women/famous fortunate fast women?)
=>3. When all is said and done, what do you want to say you have accomplished?

   I am working on MOOSE primarily for the experience of putting
together an advanced, useful, portable system. I keep learning all
this stuff about operating systems, but I haven't really gotten a
chance to put any of it to use. I'll even be taking a 10 day course
in Vancouver, BC this summer on Distributed Systems. I'd like to have
a system I know inside and out to eventually expand into a
distributed operating system. I'd also like to see someone actually
use it, though I don't know how likely that is. For that we need
applications, and that is a whole other project. To help with this
goal, we should try as much as possible to make the programmer's job
fairly easy. There is also the issue of stability. People aren't
going to want to use an unstable system.  Then, once we have a
working system, we can put together an applications group called
SQUIRREL. :-)  Or LYRICS? :-)  I also enjoy being able to contribute
to the free software archives.

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