MUSIC Specs Notice [jjl0]

JJ Lay
Thu, 8 Apr 1993 22:53:06 -0500 (CDT)

Having been silent lately on the group, I think it is time to make my
contribution to the effort.  My chief interests are the User Interface
and Programming Languages.  Next Friday I shall release a quite
voluminous recommendation on the User Interface.  What I want right now
is your input: what do you want in the user interface?  My key
assumption and design goal is complete modularity.  Any part of the User
Interface can be replaced by some different but equivalent part thus
resulting in a completely customizable interface.  Please not: my
Interface Spec is not for a GUI or for a Text Only Interface.  It will
incorporate ideas that will easily be coded into the both. 

My second major contribution (I hope) will be a recommendation for a new
programming language.  This language will be Object-Oriented and based
on 4GL principles.  It WILL cut down code size and development time.
Period.  At first it will be a struggle to hammer out details and exact

Those who are interested in either or both of the topics please let me
know.  There was a list posted, but I have seem to have forgot which
folder its in :-(  That's the problem with so much traffic!  But it
shows we are really trying to accomplish something...

							JJ LAY

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