Dan Odom
Sat, 10 Apr 93 12:58:18 CDT

>From the brain of Michael David WINIKOFF came:

> >  So, when can we (=part or totality of the group) have a talking party
> > together. I can be free at any hour (provided I am forewarned). So please
> > mail me your Talk-ative time (please give also GMT).

Pretty much any time, but preferably at night or on weekends.  My 'prime
programming time' is from about 18:00 until 03:00, United States C.S.T.
(Is that redundant?).  That is when I am most available.

Maybe we should get together on the net on a Saturday (western hemisphere;
Sunday in Australia, I think) sometme and talk for 2 or 3 hours.  Maybe
an irc channel?

Dan Odom -- Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

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