MUSIC Specs 0.0 [jjl3] [djo5]

Dan Odom
Mon, 19 Apr 93 17:11:05 CDT

>From the brain of JJ Lay came:

> : 1) VGA is not high enough quality, I don't think.  Anybody who uses a
> : SPARC knows exactly what I mean.
> But can we expecxt the typical end-user to have anything better right
> now?  You will see more on this in my next release some time soon.  (I
> hope)

1024x768 is becoming more common, but I see your point.  How about this:
VGA support included, but users are encouraged to use a higher mode if

> : 2) We'll be hard pressed to fit it in 80 meg.  The best 32-bit PC OS
> : that I have seen is Linux, and the SLS distribution requires 90 meg for
> : a full installation, plus about 670k of RAM for the kernel.
> Linux is my OS of choice!  I don't see why we can't do what they've
> done, but better! Where's the spirit of a challenge?

Oh, let's do better, certainly.  My point was that OSs take up a lot
of space.

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