MUSIC Specs 0.0 [djo4-ish]

Gary D. Duzan
Mon, 19 Apr 93 07:30:59 -0400

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   Andreas Arff <> wrote:

=>ACK :-)
=>> From the brain of Dan Odom
=>> 1) VGA is not high enough quality, I don't think.  Anybody who uses a
=>> SPARC knows exactly what I mean.
=>I have been arguing for SVGA only, but it showed up to be a stone-hard
=>resistance against it. Actually 640x480x8 is SuperVGA, but it is the second
=>lowest resolution with 256 colors.
=>I agree, the higher resolution the better!

   Surely, a clean design will scale to whatever resolution is
available. Regardless, if we are going to be portable, we can't
bind ourselves to what is available on one architecture. Of course,
the PC world seems to be the primary target, so we have to keep it
in mind. Unfortunately, there is no real standard for SVGA, so we
should probably support plain VGA first.

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