The LL language. [arf6] [dpm7] [djg18] [arf7]

Michael David WINIKOFF
Thu, 29 Apr 93 11:46:29 EST

> ACK!
> Why must the code be compiled. I remember reading about an old language
> that compiled the code whenever a program were started (it was most certainly
> the system that did this, but it is only a vague memory:-). The user didn't
> even notice it (or at least that is what was said)! You would gain the speed
> of a compiled language, and the "object code compability across platforms".

If it's such a good idea why isn't it common?

I'm not going to argue that if an idea isn't common it's not good.
I'm just arguing that trying new ideas is the role of research.
If we start doing research into new ideas we will never have a system.

Regards the technical details -- you'd have to compile and sgtore the 
executable otherwise you'd be recompiling each time it was run.
The other question is how much optimisation you're doing when you're compiling?
If you're doing simple compilation you're fine, if you're doing optimisation 
then there'll be a noticeable delay.
This becomes worse for larger programs.