ORG, GEN Re:arg2 [djg12] [djg13]

David Garfield
Sun, 28 Mar 1993 22:30:24 EST

"> " is Michael David WINIKOFF
"> > " is me

> > be doing some preliminary work on the detailed design and coding
> > experiments that are considered, in the long term, junk; but WE AREN'T
> I would like however to point out exploratory programming -- this is where you
> can't decide exactloy what you want so you build prototypes of the sywtem which
> wil later be rewritten.
> Yes. Coding the system now is WRONG.
> Knocking up bits of code to test ideas is good.
> Michael Winikoff

Like I said, "coding experiments that are considered, in the long
term, junk".  "Junk" doesn't mean the experiment doesn't yield
information.  Thus do exploratory programming and test code, just
don't get attached to it.  And remember to get information from it.

Myself, I've decided to start writing test keyboard (& 8042 control)
code.  Anybody have odd keyboards? (non-English? >101/102 key?)
Anybody think we need to support pre-AT keyboards?

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