XML comments patch

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Mon Mar 14 05:06:05 PST 2005

Trivial patch to correct XML comment syntax.
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New patches:

[XML comments start with '<!', not '<'
Tony Garnock-Jones <tonyg at kcbbs.gen.nz>**20050313114709] {
hunk ./src/lib/xml.slate 302
-  s ; '<-- '.
+  s ; '<!-- '.


[Reverted the size-method call to normal in the pre-load string concatenation library.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050310214256] 
[Fixes to the pre-load String concatenation definition.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050310210538] 
[Fixed a Syntax Writer typo.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050310203327] 
[Bug fix for printName clean-ups.
eihrul at tunes.org**20050309082055] 
[Fixes for printName slots; move printName back onto traitsWindow.
lsalzman1 at cox.net**20050309080217] 
[Modifications to the printName patch.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308181422] 
[Naming of prototypes and objects at traits and traitsWindow slots
melevy at freemail.hu**20050308145845] 
[Reverted #testLobby to remove broken cascade implementation.
Nick Forde <nickf at system-7.freeserve.co.uk>**20050308212636] 
[New post-0.3.2 entries.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308211105] 
Nick Forde <nickf at system-7.freeserve.co.uk>**20050308203509
 Test updates to reflect the license.txt file rename to LICENSE.
[Added Syntax Resend = and a selector method for compatibility with message nodes.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308073550] 
[Added rotate/rotated methods to Sequence.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308065450] 
[Added = methods to Syntax Node types.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308061835] 
[Adjusted `commutatively to check for symmetric roles and do nothing if so.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308055653] 
[Added several readFrom: methods to start refactoring out the double-dispatches. There are also additional cleanups and marking which methods should be phased out.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308044216] 
[Cosmetic cleanups to the Regex library.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050308043838] 
[One last regex test fix, and refactoring CharSetParser to CharSet Parser.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307214220] 
[Syntax fix for the regex test case.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307212100] 
[Moved Regex tests into tests/regex.slate (they are not unit tests yet, however).
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307210122] 
[Regex code fixes to make the example tests work. This is in-progress.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307201719] 
[newSize: -> new &capacity:
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307195903] 
[Massive cleanups to the regexp library, just at a basic idiomatic level.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307195440] 
[Fixed a remaining UrlActor reference.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307183510] 
[Updated the myurl setup in HTTP code to use readFrom:.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307183353] 
[Made the new regexp code stop caring if it gets a string or a stream.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307183233] 
[Various HTTP code cleanups.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307183004] 
[Updated syntax.slate to use a slightly-more-functional version of eventual-send expansion.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307180358] 
[Replaced the old regex code with the new code.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307180244] 
[Removing old Regex library.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050307180141] 
[Preliminary regex code
jewel at pixie.co.za**20050307041053] 
[modified http code to parse URL with regex
jewel at pixie.co.za**20050307040918] 
[Added `commutatively note and 0.3.2 marker.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050306232635] 
[Cosmetic cleanups.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050304185448] 
[Socket patch-ups, not quite complete.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050304185127] 
[Added comments to ensureNamespace methods.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050302195157] 
[unixsocket.slate -> unix/socket.slate
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050228214740] 
[Currying fixes.
lsalzman1 at cox.net**20050301042439] 
[Removed non-plugin socket.slate code.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050228203547] 
[Added bindToPort:.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050228175638] 
[Bug fix for Message send.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050228072551] 
[Added examples to the traits-printing bug entry.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050228072440] 
[Commented out MethodNotFound defaultHandler. it's not ready.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050228034617] 
[Refactored Message out of MethodNotFound.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050228025929] 
[Initial currying code.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050227213223] 
[Updated the alpha URL to use the DARCS alpha branch.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050227205533] 
[Fixes for `commutatively; it now works.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050225225431] 
[More digraph-loading fixes.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050225220353] 
[Bug-fix for resend.
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050225215558] 
[Removing site/ files and placing them into their own branch.
The Slate Team <slate at tunes.org>**20050225200152] 
[Initial check-in of alpha core materials.
The Slate Team <slate at tunes.org>**20050225175929] 
[Boolean printNames
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050225174327] 
[Commutatively macro first cut
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050224190056] 
Brian T. Rice <water at tunes.org>**20050224182220] 
Ken Causey <ken at kencausey.com>**20050223000342] 
[adjust title layout and remove unused page
[try adjusting news page title bar
[try newsflash in main section
[remove newsflash
[add newsflash to front page
[fix date in latest news
[Corrected 0.3.2 download size.
[Release 0.3.2, news item, download entry.
[TAG REL-0-3-2 
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