Could we use --unified patches (Send) ?

Brian Rice water at
Mon Mar 14 08:50:42 PST 2005

This seems like a good idea. Thanks for pointing that out.

On Mar 14, 2005, at 1:38 AM, Paul Dufresne wrote:

> I like to look at the changes before applying them.
> Much more to learns by looking at how errors were corrected,
> than to make sure they are correct.
> But it seems to me that all the patches I see have no context.
> I think this could be change by adding this  one-line file in
> each repository we have named _darcs/prefs/defaults:
> send unifix
> Or, if you want to use to always use it, not just for Slate 
> repositories:
> " Also, a global preferences file can be created with the name 
> .darcs/defaults in your home directory"
> --Paul Dufresne
Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development

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