patch for missings test1.slate and test2.slate in SDL code

Paul Dufresne dufrp at
Mon Mar 14 10:05:57 PST 2005

>Oddly enough, the patch looks fine but DARCS complains about not being able 
>to parse >it. Any idea what might be off?
It's not in the mailing process because I have the same problem when trying 
apply it in my other Slate directory:
paul at arctanov:~/myslate/main $ darcs apply MisFiles.tgz
Fail: Problem parsing patch named
Mon Mar 14 04:06:58 EST 2005  dufrp at
  * MissingSDLTests
  I forgot to add these two files that I mentioned in the README_SDL.txt.

I'm quite impressed you were able to recreate it, I tried to rename the file 
in .tgz
and extract it but was not able.

I may have an idea of what could be wrong, but I'd like better shut my 
Eh, ok, maybe I still tried to use gedit and got some Unicode stuff got in 
of them.


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