SDL for Slate on Win2k

Bill Sun billksun at
Thu Mar 17 00:05:08 PST 2005

Eager to try out the newly added SDL Tests, I downloaded SDL 1.2.8 from
the SDL website.  But since under the problems.txt, Paul stated that
the library file names were different in Ubuntu Linux than in Windows
and that there were 2 file for Linux versus only 1 for Windows, I
decided that I would rename the Windows SDL.dll into libSDL.dll and
duplicate another copy with the name as libSDL_gfx.dll.

The good news, libSDL.dll loaded without problems.  The bad,
libSDL_gfx.dll didn't load:

Slate 11> load: 'src/ui/SDL/init.slate'.
Loading 'src/ui/SDL/init.slate'
Loading 'src/ui/SDL/plainlib/SDLLib.slate'
Loading 'src/ui/SDL/gfxlib/SDLgfxLib.slate'
The following condition was signaled:
Error: Could not lookup ExternalMethod 'pixelColor' in 'libSDL_gfx'

Glancing at the SDL API documentation, I could not find functions that
resemble those specified in SDLgfxLib.slate.  Could it be that is an external library for SDL that is not part of the
standard SDL download?


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