SDL for Slate on Win2k

Lyndon Tremblay humasect at
Thu Mar 17 10:43:47 PST 2005

SDL_gfxPrimitives is out of date, it is from an older version of SDL
(possibly beta/cvs). I've removed the deprecated locally, but not darcs, nor
in a patchable format. Perhaps, if it isn't straightforward enough for
someone else to do it, I'll clean up what I have on SDL as well.
(setVideoWidth:Height:Bpp: -> setVideoWidth:height:bpp:flags: for example)


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Subject: SDL for Slate on Win2k

> Eager to try out the newly added SDL Tests, I downloaded SDL 1.2.8 from
> the SDL website.  But since under the problems.txt, Paul stated that
> the library file names were different in Ubuntu Linux than in Windows
> and that there were 2 file for Linux versus only 1 for Windows, I
> decided that I would rename the Windows SDL.dll into libSDL.dll and
> duplicate another copy with the name as libSDL_gfx.dll.
> The good news, libSDL.dll loaded without problems.  The bad,
> libSDL_gfx.dll didn't load:
> Slate 11> load: 'src/ui/SDL/init.slate'.
> Loading 'src/ui/SDL/init.slate'
> Loading 'src/ui/SDL/plainlib/SDLLib.slate'
> Loading 'src/ui/SDL/gfxlib/SDLgfxLib.slate'
> The following condition was signaled:
> Error: Could not lookup ExternalMethod 'pixelColor' in 'libSDL_gfx'
> Glancing at the SDL API documentation, I could not find functions that
> resemble those specified in SDLgfxLib.slate.  Could it be that
> is an external library for SDL that is not part of the
> standard SDL download?
> -Bill
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