Patch for latest SDL gfx library

Brian Rice water at
Sat Mar 19 08:04:47 PST 2005

Sorry, I can't make this work at all. Migrate the patch to main, and 
send it from there, please.

On Mar 18, 2005, at 10:49 PM, Paul Dufresne wrote:

> Hum. I feel strange sending a patch for alpha.
> But hey, SDL works in alpha, but not in main.
> First, in main, there is a patch needed for extlib. about method 
> format: .
> Second, even with this patch, at the end of load: 
> 'src/ui/SDL/init.slate',
> the SDL window does not appears. And I have no clue why.
> So this is the a patch for using the latest SDL gfx library.
> Read the README to know where to get it.
> Also, I very welcome comments on success or failures to use SDL.
> src/ui/SDL/tests/test1.slate and .../test2.slate works for me, but
> I never heard any one else telling that it is working for him.
> --Paul
> <filledPie>
Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development

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