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Bill Sun billksun at
Thu Mar 24 23:35:33 PST 2005

I just successfully rebuild Slate's VM from a fresh copy of the alpha
branch via "darcs get", although it's windows name is wvm.exe for
release the build, and wdvm.exe for the debug build.  The only thing
that I needed to change in the VC++2005 project file was putting the
quotes on the command that copies vm.h to slatevm.h in the  "includes"
directory.  This is because if the project path contains long directory
names (like the "documents and settings\(username)\" directory), the
path will not be recognized unless it is enclosed in quotes.

I've attached the modified VC++ 2005 project file.  Just replace the
original one with this, and you should be able to build without

What other dlls are we talking about here?  So far I only know of
SDL.dll and SDL_gfx.dll.  SDL.dll can be downloaded directly from the
SDL website in binary form.  However, SDL_gfx.dll has to be compiled
manually, which, I was not able to do so successfully.  I got a bunch
of link errors when trying to compile using VC++2005, and got a
makefile error when trying to compile with VC6.

Shaping, can you try compiling SDL_gfx.dll?  As I'm not familiar with
VC++ anc C/C++ in general, maybe I'm just missing something really
simple.  You can grab the source here:

I'm willing to provide window builds, but since I'm pretty elementary
on C++, I don't know how to do any compiler optimizations.  So it might
be better to look for someone else *nudges Shaping*.  However, I'm
willing to do it in the short-term until we find someone with more
expertise.  Also, if anyone is willing to take charge of the windows
build, I'm willing to help out.

-Bill Sun

--- Brian Rice <water at> wrote:
> It is unfortunately too annoying to build Slate's VM on Windows right
> now, due to the compiler bug before version VS2005b.
> Is there someone willing to provide a compiled slate.exe as well as 
> common dll's for everyone else? I'd be willing to set up a place on
> the 
> website where they could be hosted and do the packaging. Alternately
> we 
> can just link to the provider's site so they can manage it however
> they 
> like.
> Of course, this means that customizing the VM is no easier for the 
> experimenter, but it should be possible to build .dll's with earlier 
> versions of VCC. Am I correct on this?
> On Mar 24, 2005, at 8:35 PM, Brian Rice wrote:
> > On Mar 24, 2005, at 8:03 PM, Shaping wrote:
> >>> Do "make get-alpha". The image actually recorded in the alpha
> branch 
> >>> is out of date. The image at the location in the repository is
> fine, 
> >>> although I need to update it again.
> >>>
> >>> Note: when I send an "Alpha updated" email, that means you need
> to 
> >>> get fresh alpha images with the makerule.
> >>
> >> How does this apply if we are using VS2005 beta?
> >>
> >> Has the naming convention for the vm in the Windows stuff been 
> >> settled?  If so, would someone please explain it.
> >
> > Images are irrelevant in terms of the builds. The vm.h just has to
> be 
> > renamed to slatevm.h as I recall. The project file /should/ do
> this, 
> > but apparently that functionality isn't working right any more. And
> > you shouldn't even need to rebuild unless we announce a VM change 
> > (even then, the header rarely really changes).
> --
> Brian T. Rice
> LOGOS Research and Development

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