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Brian Rice water at
Fri Mar 25 00:57:01 PST 2005

On Mar 24, 2005, at 11:35 PM, Bill Sun wrote:

> I just successfully rebuild Slate's VM from a fresh copy of the alpha
> branch via "darcs get", although it's windows name is wvm.exe for
> release the build, and wdvm.exe for the debug build.  The only thing
> that I needed to change in the VC++2005 project file was putting the
> quotes on the command that copies vm.h to slatevm.h in the  "includes"
> directory.  This is because if the project path contains long directory
> names (like the "documents and settings\(username)\" directory), the
> path will not be recognized unless it is enclosed in quotes.
> I've attached the modified VC++ 2005 project file.  Just replace the
> original one with this, and you should be able to build without
> problems.

Thanks! I've just pushed it into the main and alpha repositories.

> What other dlls are we talking about here?  So far I only know of
> SDL.dll and SDL_gfx.dll.  SDL.dll can be downloaded directly from the
> SDL website in binary form.  However, SDL_gfx.dll has to be compiled
> manually, which, I was not able to do so successfully.  I got a bunch
> of link errors when trying to compile using VC++2005, and got a
> makefile error when trying to compile with VC6.

Anything in src/plugins/ that applies to Windows. For example, socket 
code and the windows kernel wrappers needed for the smart-console code. 
Eventually there should be more.

> Shaping, can you try compiling SDL_gfx.dll?  As I'm not familiar with
> VC++ anc C/C++ in general, maybe I'm just missing something really
> simple.  You can grab the source here:
> I'm willing to provide window builds, but since I'm pretty elementary
> on C++, I don't know how to do any compiler optimizations.  So it might
> be better to look for someone else *nudges Shaping*.  However, I'm
> willing to do it in the short-term until we find someone with more
> expertise.  Also, if anyone is willing to take charge of the windows
> build, I'm willing to help out.

Cool. For now, I just was looking for someone who would be available to 
provide a rebuild on some relatively reliable basis.

> --- Brian Rice <water at> wrote:
>> It is unfortunately too annoying to build Slate's VM on Windows right
>> now, due to the compiler bug before version VS2005b.
>> Is there someone willing to provide a compiled slate.exe as well as
>> common dll's for everyone else? I'd be willing to set up a place on
>> the
>> website where they could be hosted and do the packaging. Alternately
>> we
>> can just link to the provider's site so they can manage it however
>> they
>> like.
>> Of course, this means that customizing the VM is no easier for the
>> experimenter, but it should be possible to build .dll's with earlier
>> versions of VCC. Am I correct on this?
>> On Mar 24, 2005, at 8:35 PM, Brian Rice wrote:
>>> On Mar 24, 2005, at 8:03 PM, Shaping wrote:
>>>>> Do "make get-alpha". The image actually recorded in the alpha
>> branch
>>>>> is out of date. The image at the location in the repository is
>> fine,
>>>>> although I need to update it again.
>>>>> Note: when I send an "Alpha updated" email, that means you need
>> to
>>>>> get fresh alpha images with the makerule.
>>>> How does this apply if we are using VS2005 beta?
>>>> Has the naming convention for the vm in the Windows stuff been
>>>> settled?  If so, would someone please explain it.
>>> Images are irrelevant in terms of the builds. The vm.h just has to
>> be
>>> renamed to slatevm.h as I recall. The project file /should/ do
>> this,
>>> but apparently that functionality isn't working right any more. And
>>> you shouldn't even need to rebuild unless we announce a VM change
>>> (even then, the header rarely really changes).
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