About the AKOS demo

Paul Fleischer polle@denmark.crosswinds.net
Sat, 06 Nov 1999 19:49:48 +0000

I am missing some feedback on my idea about the AKOS demo.
Beholder, do you agree that we should do it in C++ or do you still want
to use python?
If we choose to use C++, I will try to organize everything so that we
won't need to re-organize things as we move futher towards the final
My plan is that we split the sourcecode up in as many small "modules" as
possible(without haveing too many ofcourse). In this way "modules" can
be added/deleted without affecting too much of the other source code.

This, of course, requires that we are going to use C++ and that the demo
will be a development base for the final version, so we need to find out
if that is what we want(I know I do ;).

Paul Fleischer (ProGuy)
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