About the AKOS demo

Pat Wendorf beholder@bespin.dhs.org
Sun, 07 Nov 1999 10:55:04 -0500

Paul Fleischer wrote:
> I am missing some feedback on my idea about the AKOS demo.
> Beholder, do you agree that we should do it in C++ or do you still want
> to use python?

I have no qualms with using C++ for the client side, however I still
think python should be used for the server (due to it's flexibility).

> If we choose to use C++, I will try to organize everything so that we
> won't need to re-organize things as we move futher towards the final
> version(hopefully).

> My plan is that we split the sourcecode up in as many small "modules" as
> possible(without haveing too many ofcourse). In this way "modules" can
> be added/deleted without affecting too much of the other source code.

That's not in the spirit of the server, if that's what you mean, however
for the client I think that would be adequate.

> This, of course, requires that we are going to use C++ and that the demo
> will be a development base for the final version, so we need to find out
> if that is what we want(I know I do ;).

Sounds good, do you have the latest version?  I don't even have MS VC++
right now ;)

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