docs for a86

Daniel Newcombe
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 16:52:04 EST

> BTW, how is your OS project going ?

Greetings from the frazzled ends of sanity!  We have just upgraded our 
Unix system at work this month, and this has kept me quite a busy 
person!  That last thing I want to do when I get home is touch a 
computer, so I haven't been doing that much with it lately.

However, I do have a "kernel" which will boot, load from floppy, go 
into protected mode, and then call main.c, which toggles the LED's to 
let me know where it is, and display a message.

I brought home a laptop from work so that I don't have to reboot my PC 
everytime I recompile.  I just dump it to disk and reboot the laptop.
It is a great time saver.

Right now the "kernel" sources borrow HEAVY on those of Linux's 
bootsect.S and head.S, minly because I haven't had time to really look 
at them and change them around. 

Also, I've been playing with my PowerGlove that I finally was able to 
get working after a year.  There were 5 wires that were disconnected, 
and I had to find someone on the Internet that could tell me what goes 

I still have your post with your ideas for Moose and will reply to that 
one of these days.  My wife's parents are coming in to town this 
weekend, so perhaps I will take the notebook and hide in sanctuary and 
type up a long reply :)


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