charter:What do you think?

Mike Prince
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 11:37:41 -0800 (PST)

I spent a good portion of last week trying to make the perfect charter.  
Making sure it could cover every issue that might come up.  Trying to 
make everyone happy.

I became obsessed with doing it RIGHT the first time.

On Saturday night, as I lay falling asleep, I realized we needed to get 
back on track and start working again, regardless of the compromise 
of (God Forbid) an imperfect charter.

So I gutted it, just left in some basics and most importantly, the 
mechanism to change it.  And here it is!

I have left out all the advice of which projects to have.  Kyle was the 
most fervent in suggesting new projects, so I suspect this week he will 
be heavily campaigning for them.

I have also left the project named Tunes.  Again, I agree that a name 
change is probably in order.  Let's all talk about this and try to 
resolve it in the next few weeks.

Voting.  Originally I had the elaborate scheme where votes were suggested 
to Coordinators who passed them on to voters, etc.  I dumped that.  Now 
simply everyone can suggest a vote.  If it gets out of hand (half-baked 
ideas, votes called before discussion has really stalled, etc) we can 
amend the charter.

To reiterate;  I expect the charter to change a lot.  But I knew our 
group was stalling and needed to get back on track.  So here is the 
charter in all its imperfection.  Feel free to critique it and modify it 
into Swahili as far as I'm concerned.  As long as it gets us where we 
want to go.

So who are the Coordinators? Here's our little family tree for now.  I'll 
be more than happy to give away any and all positions.

Head Coordinator: Mike

charter: Mike
discussion: Mike
vote: Mike
announce: Mike

Kind of hard to memorize who's in charge of what?

Forgive me that the .charter files for each project are not on the server 
an yet.  I'll work with Fare to get them in place in the next few 

Thanks for your patience while we struggled through this little detail,