discussion:Where do we go from here?

Raul Deluth Miller rockwell@nova.umd.edu
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 17:54:08 -0500

Raul Miller:
. > also: machine abstraction suitable for describing system
. > capabilities [for estimation and planning purposes]

Mike Prince:
. I'm a little fuzzy here...  Do you mean some kind of benchmarks for
. different capabilities, or the ability to do benchmarks?

Of those two choices, Benchmarks would be closer.  Inventory would be
even closer than that.  If a program is going to require 20 billion
instructions, to 50k print, 1 meg to a soundcard and at least 500k to
a modem, you probably don't want to stuff it onto a machine that can't
deal.  Or maybe you do, if you've a machine just waiting there with
everything but the printer.

Obviously, we're not going to even have good estimates all the time
(on what kind of resources we're going to need), but we should be able
to act smart with decent estimates.

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