discussion:Where do we go from here?

Gary D. Duzan gary@wheel.tiac.net
Tue, 08 Nov 1994 13:40:53 -0500

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   Mike Prince <mprince@crl.com> wrote:

=>On Mon, 7 Nov 1994, Raul Deluth Miller wrote:
=>> Raul Miller:
=>> . > also: machine abstraction suitable for describing system
=>> . > capabilities [for estimation and planning purposes]
=>> Obviously, we're not going to even have good estimates all the time
=>> (on what kind of resources we're going to need), but we should be able
=>> to act smart with decent estimates.
=>I'm very interested in discussing this further.  Perhaps each object 
=>could provide info about it's functionality.  Device specific objects 
=>would be "tied" to a particular machine and could not migrate.  Thus 
=>you'd make a grocery list of needs, and look for a workspace having all 
=>the objects that couldn't be imported in.  The rest could be brought in 
=>and away you'd go.
   I've thought about this some myself. Some of this might be handled
by language-level hooks, which can get messy if you try to do it
automatically, but programmer hints like "this is a CPU-sucking loop"
or "major I/O here" would be a start. Beyond that, for programs that
are run a number of times, collecting statistics on execution behavior
may help predict what it will do in the future.

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