What's in a name?

Gary D. Duzan gary@wheel.tiac.net
Tue, 08 Nov 1994 14:10:17 -0500

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   Mike Prince <mprince@crl.com> wrote:

=>"So, what are TUNES goals, again?"

   Well, I'll mention two signposts that the project should pass
fairly early in the game. The first is a good development environment.
This is good for the OS developers, but also for those who would want
to use the OS for developing software. Second is a basic set of
user applications: word processor, spreadsheet, drawing tool, etc.
Assuming we want people to actually use the thing, these are a
must. When we get to that point we may want to go outside the group
for help, since I would guess that most members here are more
interested in the OS itself.
   On a more system-oriented note, I'd like to see a good bit of
emphasis placed on client-server environments. While this is
obvioussly a subset of peer-to-peer systems, there very good
arguments for keeping much of the resources centralized, so it is
a good idea to keep in mind that communicating systems may very
well be asymmetric. Someone posted about having system capabilities
available for all nodes, and I think that is a great step. It is
hard to have a network where every node is the same when some get
shut off at night. But then I've spent the last three years as a
Banyan network admin, so I have a somewhat different view.

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