Call for coordinators

Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper
Tue, 8 Nov 94 21:27:05 MET

We need coordinators for various projects.
Here are some:

* a Glossary
  needed if we wanna know what we're talking about.

* Semantics
  that's a tough one. All the formalization part of the system.

 * Object semantics
   We must provide some object semantics that will
  allow easy mapping of anykind of object system in it, while providing
  total system security.
 * Programming style
   What basic constructors to adopt, keeping in view that we want automatic
  object migration and grain-size adaptation. What's sure is that pure code
  (without side-effects) is required for distribution. But how to cope with
  exceptions/failures ? And sometimes we need side-effects whatsoever, so
  how to code them ?

* Heuristics
  The system will have to do automatically (with or without the user's help
 or constraints) some decisions about what object to evaluate where.

 affiliated subject:
 * Heuristics to determine object activity
   how will we determine which object has what kind of activity, what other
  objects use it and how much, and what other objects it uses and how much.
 * Heuristics for migration and copying of very active objects
   will be needed as soon as we have mechanism to run threads; but
  already useful to design the semantics of threads.
 * Heuristics for migration and copying of essentially passive objects
   Where to store data permanently in the distributed persistent store,
  so that it will fit, and will still be available quickly when needed
  (and where needed).

* Implementation
 sub-subjects concerned:
 * memory object encoding
 * object file format
    The first one deals with highly active objects, the other with passive
  objects (including objects being communicated through the network).
    How will we code objects in memory or in files, to allow easy
   * garbage collection (local and/or distributed),
   * type checking
   * low-level language execution/encoding
   * division of objects between highly intra- but lowly extra- acting modules.

Any taker please tell me, or Mike, or write your RFP.
I'm taker for anything you'll leave to me.
I'll be writing RFP's for Friday if no one take it.