discussion:Goals Round II

Kyle Hayes kyle@putput.cs.wwu.edu
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 12:59:30 +0800

> > Programmers/Marketing goals
> > [snip]
> > - persistency:  [snip]

Hmm, this is a good place to put this.  Developers would love to have
something like persistence already implemented.  Good idea Mike.

> NOTE:  I have left out the methods section so as not to encourage debate 
> about those items.  As soon as our goals are settled then we should begin 
> to address the methods.

This is pretty much what I felt.  Note, that we should all make sure 
that the "Methods:" list remains intact; we will want to come back to
all the technical ideas when we have finished this stuff.  Once we
have decided on goals, we need a nice long list of technical ideas.
We can check each thing against the list of goals to determine just
how much it will push the project toward that goal.  We will probably
have a lot of contradictory technical ideas and maybe this will help
sort them out a bit.