Johan Van Schalkwyk
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 20:30:29 +1300 (NZDT)

Dear Moosetunespeople,

Have been pondering Mike's charter. My response:-

1. Well done, Mike. Hard work!

2. Problems:
	2.1 General co-ordinator = dictator?
	2.2 How to assess "most seniority"?
	2.3  Minimum time period between "CALL FOR VOTE" and "Voting Ends"?
	2.4 Minimum % response of ALL members for vote?
	2.5 How "binding" are "decisions" (made by coordinator) as opposed to
		"measures" (voted on)? 
	2.6 Relative status levels of various projects?
	2.7 Who is entitled to vote?
	2.8 How do members become members? (Born members, acquire 
		membership, have it thrust upon them)?

3. A few ideas:
	3.1 I see a charter as a necessary evil that gives us a framework
		for interaction between members. Legal wrangling and
		nit-picking (hysteresis) should be kept to a minimum.
	3.2 Can we not use our computer expertise to devise a simple
		and workable project definition?
	3.3 One way of limiting the amount of administration is to have
		a simple point-based system where, if you have no points,
		you don't vote (Forcing you to husband your points

4. Here is my rather whimsical attempt, for your semi-serious consideration:-

Recursive Project Definition:

                            ****PROJECT RULES***

           (NOTE: the words "him/he/his" refer to males/females
                    or nominated machine intelligences)!

Rule 1.	The First rule.
	1.1 No rule shall be accepted that contradicts any other rule.
	1.2 In the case where two rules are later found to contradict
	one another, the higher number rule immediately becomes void.
	1.3. No rule shall have a number < 1.

Rule 2. Influence.
	Project rules shall control all decisions and actions within
	that project and SUBPROJECTS, but not affect higher projects.

Rule 3. Point scoring system.
	3.1. Each MEMBER of a project gets n points WITHIN that project
		 every 3 months, where:-
		n = 10 log (number of project members)
			rounded down to the nearest unit;
	3.2. At the end of 3 months each member keeps 40% of unused points;
	3.3. Points are lost:
		1. Every 3 months		Rule 3.2
		2. On voting			Rules 4.1 and 4.3
		3. On project creation		via Rule 5.2
		4. By donation			Rule 3.5
		5. On joining a project		Rule 6.2
		6. By lying			Rule 9.2
	3.4. Points are gained:
		1. Every 3 months		Rule 3.1
		2. On successful voting		Rule 4.5
		3. On project completion	Rule 5.3
		4. By donation			Rule 3.5
	3.5. Each member may transfer a maximum of three points to any
		other project member, per 3 month period.

Rule 4. CALL FOR VOTE - Voting procedure.
	4.1 The PROPOSER posts a CALL FOR VOTE: he immediately loses two
		(1 of these points is considered to be his "YES" vote);
	4.2 A minimum period of one week must then elapse;
	4.3 Each project member in possession of >= 1 points may vote:
		One point is deducted from the tally of each voter;
	4.4 A vote only suceeds if:
		1. In the case of alteration to any of rules 1..10, 
		there is a minimum 80% poll, and of those votes, >= 80%
		say "YES"; or,
		2. In all other cases, there is a minimum 60% poll, and
		of those votes, >= 60% say "YES";
	4.5 The PROPOSER regains his two points ONLY IF the vote succeeds.
	4.6 A vote can be used to modify, delete or create a rule, or to
		remove a co-ordinator. Rules are numbered sequentially.

Rule 5. Creation of a subproject.
	5.1. Each subproject inherits all the rules of the higher project;
	5.2 The project co-ordinator is the person who posts the 
		CALL FOR VOTE that creates the project;
	5.3 The call for vote shall include a list of founder members,
		 including the project co-ordinator;
	5.4 On SUCCESSFUL_COMPLETION of a project, all members shall be
		credited with three points in the project immediately above;
	5.5 A project shall have a minimum duration of six months.

Rule 6. Rules for addition of a member to a project.
	6.1 If a hierarchy of projects H -> -> -> X exists, and the member
		wishes to join project X, he must be nominated by a
		member of project X in a CALL FOR VOTE within project X.
	6.2 If he is admitted to the project, he loses two points on
		the LOWEST LEVEL ABOVE X of which he is a member.
	6.3 Such an elected member has no points within that project
		for the first three months.

Rule 7. Rules may be ADDED to a project:-
	7.1 By a project co-ordinator, without costing him any points;
	7.2 By a VOTE within that project.

Rule 8. Removal of a project co-ordinator.
	Is by a successful VOTE within that project, provided that the 
		successful vote also contains the name of a new co-ordinator.

Rule 9. Responsibility.
	9.1 Each person is responsible for keeping track of his point count
	within each project.
	9.2 If a project member is found to have misrepresented his count
	all of his tallies in every group will be reduced to zero with
	immediate effect.

Rule 10. Bootstrap rule.
	10.1 The initial project shall be called [MOOSETUNESGRINGRIN..OH JOY]
	10.2 The founder members shall be [...]
	10.3 Each founder member shall start with [n] points.
	10.4 The initial project shall contain rules 1 through 10.


Okay, okay, just having a little fun!