discussion: eh?

Gary D. Duzan gary@wheel.tiac.net
Mon, 14 Nov 1994 23:16:56 -0500

In Message <9411142346.AA00650@putput.cs.wwu.edu> ,
   kyle@putput.cs.wwu.edu (Kyle Hayes) wrote:

=>Hmm, sorry folks.  I was away for a bit.  It looks like I missed a couple
=>of votes.
=>I am getting messages totally out of order.  I got Gary's reply to Fare
=>before (about half an hour!) I got Fare's original comment.  Is anyone
=>else getting this kind of odd effect?

   Heh. Actually, Fare addressed that one directly to me instead of
to the list, so he asked me to forward it to the list. So it shouldn't
have been half an hour, but they were actually send to the list out
of order.

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