Where can I find papers about the ANDF technology ?

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Mon, 28 Nov 1994 17:55:55 -0500

The following information was recently posted to the OSF News Nuggets.
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How to get ANDF Information and Documentation

There is now an ANDF home page located on the OSF RI 
World Wide Web server at URL:  

Here you will find a brief overview of ANDF, along with 
pointers to a collection of ANDF-related papers which 
may be either viewed on-line or printed. All of the 
papers from the "ANDF Technology Collected Papers" 
series, currently four volumes, are contained on the 

For those who are not Mosaic users, the ANDF papers may 
also be obtained from the OSF RI anonymous FTP server 
(ftp:riftp.osf.org) in the directory 
pub/andf_coll_papers.  Requests for ANDF information may 
be sent to andf-tech-request@osf.org. 

ANDF Research Kit

The ANDF Research Kit released earlier this year 
contains both the TDF technology from (Defense Research 
Agency) DRA and the GANDF technology developed by the 
OSF RI. The GANDF technology is a family of ANDF 
installers which utilize the GCC code generators.  The 
Kit contains the C Producer and a collection of 
installers for a variety of target 

The purpose of the ANDF Research kit is to understand 
the use of the ANDF technology:
  a. for software distribution (the original ANDF  
  b. for developing and testing portable software (the 
     ANDF technology requires conformance to API 
     specifications, so it also serves as a good 
     portability checker)
  c. as a compiler kit (a baseline for developing a    
     compiler family).

Due to the proprietary nature of this software, an ANDF 
Cooperative Research Agreement must be signed prior to 
receiving the software. The ANDF Cooperative Research 
Agreement is available electronically via the Web or 
from the OSF RI anonymous FTP server:  The Web URL is:

Access the OSF RI anonymous FTP server at 
ftp:riftp.osf.org and go to the pub/andf sub-directory. 
Send completed agreements, including the questions in 
Appendix B, to:
  ANDF License Administrator
  OSF Research Institute
  11 Cambridge Center
  Cambridge, MA 02142

Pricing for the ANDF Research Kit is based on 
organization type. The Kit is for non-commercial use 
only.  Fees are principally to offset the cost of 
preparation and distribution of the kit materials, plus 
the administration of the ANDF Cooperative Research 

Pricing is as follows:
    OSF Members:  $ 500.00
    Non-Members:  $1000.00
    Universities: $ 200.00

A freely distributable subset of the ANDF Kit (Driver, 
Linker, and GANDF installers) is also available via 
anonymous FTP.  No DRA licensed code is included in this 
subset, so no Cooperative Research Agreement is 
required.  This subset allows users to experiment with 
installing applications distributed in ANDF, such as 
Mosaic, which will also be available via anonymous FTP.  
Other applications may be posted from time to time.  
Their availability will be announced in the ANDF home 

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