MOOSE Project -- new OS ?

Stephen Pelc
Fri, 21 Oct 94 17:25:38 GMT

>   The project is called MOOSE, and I'm writing it alone. It means
> Multi-* Object-oriented Operating System and Environment. *I* didn't choose
> the name as I wasn't alone at that time.
> - machine-independent low-level (stack-based/FORTH-like ?) language for
>  portable binaries, with common interpreter or compiler back-end.
We have done this under ESPRIT project (EP5497 PROCIC and EP9152 SENDIT)
funding, and it is quite possible to make a stack language be a suitable
target for conventional compilers. It is also possible for back-end generators
to generate quite good code.

You should also look at the ANDF technology produced by the OMI-GLUE project,
which was considered for use by one of the Unix consortia.

Regards, Stephen

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