MOOSE: project organization

Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper
Fri, 28 Oct 94 2:32:17 MET

Proposed Organization chart:
* we divide work between a hierarchical list of subjects.
* Message "Subject:" field will begin by the list of subjects (well, using
* Each subject has got a maitainer.
* The maintainer will; who must maintain a file about what was
 said about the subject.
* He must provide regularly updated versions through ftp and/or mail.
* He also must animate the debate about the subject
* Decisions are done by a vote of concerned people.
* If nobody disagrees, the maintainer of a subject may also take decisions.
* The subject maintainer is responsible for the vote.
* If no decision is reachable through vote, the maintainer will ultimately
 choose, or reorganize a new vote later.
* If the maintainer's choice is vetoed by a member, a maintainer for a
 "higher" subject in the hierarchy is called to decide (or reorganize a vote).
* Ultimately, an absolute arbitrary judge is to decide (or say who among those
 who know will decide).
* The ultimate judge is chosen according to an arbitrary but known in advance
 method. Suggestions: one of the project founders, and/or a rotation between
 members. His identity may change with time, as long as there is no way
 to contest it.
* Any decision may be later changed if someone can provide new arguments.
* The same procedure applies for the new decision.
* The choice for subject maintainers and absolute judge choice method
 are a decision among others.

We still need an initial absolute judge.
If we join PIOS or Merlin, I'd propose the project initiator, else myself.
I also propose myself (or anyone willing for that ungrateful job) as a
maintainer for the organization subject (whose mail symbol will be ORG if
no one disagrees).

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