OS ORG: name needed

Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper
Sat, 29 Oct 94 0:39:08 MET

I can open a mailing list here at the ENS.
But my sysop asks me for the list's name.
So we must choose a name for the OS project.

if it's MOOSE, I wont have to change my existing files; but well,
wherea it sounds good, I don't like the meaning:
multi* OO OS & Env

PIOS is Processor-Independent OS.

None say anything abut persistence or distributedness.

Well, after all, the name isn't that important, but as the mailing list
address will be given the name, we should choos something, and quick.
I'd prefer it to sound good and to be humoristical, and/or accurate.
It must also be original enough so that the project won't be mixed up
with another one.