OS ORG: name needed

Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper
Sat, 29 Oct 94 1:17:00 MET

> Well, after all, the name isn't that important, but as the mailing list
> address will be given the name, we should choos something, and quick.
> I'd prefer it to sound good and to be humoristical, and/or accurate.
> It must also be original enough so that the project won't be mixed up
> with another one.
I'd propose TUNES, which is a GNU-like acronym for:
 "TUNES is a Useful, Not Expedient, System"
and refers to J.S.Mill's Utilitarianism, criticizes today's OSes, is
a battle cry (being useful, not expedient -- i.e. think in the long run, do not
think about immediate profit of implementatin easiness, but about usability
for people years later), and it sounds as well as it can.

I just got this idea ('cause I'm jus reading the Mill's book), but I
really like it.

Any better idea anyone ?

If no one disagrees, such will be the mailing list (the sysop will
still be able to change or alias the name, or so I hope).
(This sounds like a ultimatum)

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