Francois-Rene Rideau
Tue, 21 Feb 95 5:30:44 MET

   More stuff has been published, so

** I've published a patch to old tunes archives, available on the usual ftp site.
It's 5357 byte long compressed, and I'll e-mail it to anyone who asks.
   To use the patch, just "cd" to your installed Tunes directory, then
"zcat whereverthepatchis.gz | patch -p0" (using GNU patch).
Remove ".orig" files with command "./ cleanpatch"

** Seeing the size of the patch, it's real better than using "sup".
Should I post the patches in here ? Or just send to whomever asks ?

** The full distribution is also available at same address
(files with . suffix). The UI stuff still isn't in it
(I think you should better mail it to me .tar.gz.uu, then send me
patches, Chris).

** I've updated the WWW page. It contains more stuff about the HLL,
particularly an example on the (classical) sieve of Erathostene,
as well as information about the meta-translator and C-translator

   More is being done so is due soon. The selective patch-making
took some time to write, but it's done once and for all, now.
   If you want .tar.gz archives instead of .zip, please ask...

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