Tunes going WWW...

Rainer Blome
Fri, 13 Jan 95 15:04:28 +0100

hi fare,

i just read what is there in the tunes-faq.  use `<A NAME="Q2.3">' instead
of `<TAG "Q2.3">' to make the references inside the faq working.

a good deal of how to use html is explained in the html-primer, url is
"".  i copied it to local
disk to have it handy.

you wrote:
> So the current topic for the list is

> 1) can you use WWW (else try ftping instead of httping) ?
obviously :).  rdm's method works great, also.

> 2) Do you agree with the project definition ?
it is too coarse, it has to be more specific.  the way you defined it,
tunes is already running: on the internet, you almost have total freedom,
you can set up whatever service you want to.  yes, i should be more
specific right here as well.  i hope i will be (see 3).

things would be so much easier if we already had the thing, coz it would
enable us to implement an adequate communication system in a wink.  what
www needs is some way for the user/reader of a document to refer to
specific POSITIONS in it, not just the whole thing.  currently, this
requires copying the doc and inserting named anchors (s.a.).

> 3) fill in the project poll.
done. revision to follow.