tunes poll -- please answer

Dr. J. Van Sckalkwyk (external)
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 20:09:01 SAT

> *********** Identity ***********
> ** Name: Jo(han) van Schalkwyk
> ** E-Mail address:
> ** Network capabilities available: ftp news telnet. No http for now.
> ** Auxiliary network addresses: -
> ** Physical address: 34A Eaton Ave, Bryanston, Johannesburg, RSA 
(for now)
 > ** Phone Number: Don't bother trying. +27.11.7066751.
> ** Birth day (as the age changes every year !): 27-9-60.
> ** Work/Study situation: Specialist physician. ICU consultant.
> *********** Computer Background ***********
> ** computer languages fluently spoken (in order of decreasing interest):

Sly (a forth/Lisp-like language I wrote a few years ago)
(Have tinkered with C, Forth, etc).

> ** languages I'd like to know:
Power PC assembler.

> ** The language I'd like to use as Tunes' HLL:
Needs specific development. 

> ** political *computer* opinions:

A. Computers have great potential. This is seldom if ever realised.
There are 3 main reasons for this:
    1. Programmers/developers don't talk, especially between levels.
    2. People add unnecessary complexity to things they already only
        partially understand.
    3. Many chip designers don't know shit about _really_ 
        programming. AND..
    System designers haven't the faintest idea what users need/
        want. And so it goes..
B. Go parallel.

C. I still rather like communicating using data streams.

> ** Architectures/OS combination I can work on:

I'm game to try anything. Always have been. But I'd like to see 
"tunes" or whatever get its philosophical act together before I 
invest a helluva lot of my precious time in it.

> *********** Parts of the system I'm ready to develop: ***********
> ** New protocols I'd like to design:

1. Need to agree on common cross-platform symbolic low-level language.
2. Need to identify and examine in detail problems with current Oses 
and languages.
3. Need to make specific proposals to fix (2), and implement them,
in the framework of a new hll, created using (1).

> ** Existing protocols I'd like to implement:

nil at present.

> ** Architectures I'd help write the low-level stuff for:

PPC if I can scrape together enough cash to buy one. I'll probably be 
waiting 6 months for prices to stabilise etc.

> *********** Parts of the system I'm eager others to develop: ***********

I'm easy, as long as everyone pulls his/her(ha) weight.

> ** New protocols I'd like to see designed:-
> ** Existing protocols I'd like to see implemented:-
> ** Architectures I'd like the system to be ported to:
    Sun sparc. Everything.

> *********** Project Management ***********
> ** How much I am available:
    Depends on how keen everyone else is,
    and the factors mentioned above.
> ** How I think the project could be managed better:
    1. agree on basic goals
    2. Get cracking.
    At present, we seem to be mired down in shit.

> ** Sub-project I'm ready to manage: Depends. as noted.

> ** What I think about the poll:
    A good idea, but should have been done ages ago.
        (Too late she cried)?

> ------>8------>8------>8------>8------>8------>8------>8------>8------>8------
> Bye, JVS.