LLL project seeks coordinator

Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper.ens.fr
Sat, 14 Jan 95 1:06:50 MET

Dear Joyous Tunespeople,
   as Mike cannot continue managing it, we need a new maintainer for
the LLL subproject. I'd do it if no one did volunteer, but I've had
a hard time setting up the root project, and will have maintaining the
HLL subproject that I've not even had time to deal with. Any taker ?

   Here is a summary of what I think the LLL subproject should be:
* the LLL subproject aims at providing an architecture independent encoding
for migratable objects, and particularly a common low-level language to use
as a standard intermediate language that could be interpreted or compiled with
a standard back-end, while still allowing object migration and garbage
collection. The LLL should be nicely interfaceable with the HLL or with
architecture-dependent assembly.

   Of course, the coordinator is free to modify this according to his
   I'd like this project to be managed soon, so we can work on some
code as soon as possible...

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