A data model for HLL

Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr. jecel@lsi.usp.br
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 17:43:55 -0300

Hi Marnix,

I have to agree with Rainer that your definition seems to be much
more object-oriented than functional. I *don't* think that functional
programming and objects are isomorphic, however. Functional programming
( and Logic programming too ) omit the idea of time and describe
reversible computations. Objects involve some kind of destructive
update and so are a kind of imperative programming, which is not

In this regard, your description does fit the functional model. But I
think that is only because it is incomplete - you don't give any details
state and statements and how they are used to create practical

Another aspect is that functional programming models are characterized
by function application and function composition. You only talk about
the first.

Please don't take these comments as criticism, but as an encouragement
to more thinking and discussion.

-- Jecel