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                     1995 INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON
                 I-WOOOS '95

                       University of Lund, Sweden
                 August 14-15th, 1995

                  Sponsored by
        The IEEE Technical Committee on Operating Systems
         and Application Environments (TCOS)
             in cooperation with
  the Association Internationale pour les Technologies Objets (AITO)

The fourth International Workshop on Object-Orientation in Operating
Systems will bring together researchers and practioners who are
interested in object-oriented approaches to operating systems design,
development, and application support.  The purpose of the workshop is
to provide an informal format and atmosphere in which ideas and
current work can be presented and discussed at length.  The workshop
is designed to encourage the full participation of each attendee: both
presenters and participants will be active contributors throughout the

This year's workshop will be held in Lund, Sweden, closely following
the European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP), which
will be held in Aarhus, Denmark from August 7-11.  We hope that the
conjunction of the two events will foster cross-fertilization between
related research communities.  Consequently we would like to invite
people (anyone, not just ECOOP attendees) to attend IWOOOS without
requiring them to submit a paper to the workshop.  However, to
encourage cross-fertilization, we would like to request that
interested attendees submit a very short (one-half to one page long)
position statement that expresses their interests and how they see
object-orientation in operating systems potentially interacting with
those interests.  Position statements may be submitted via email to
theimer@parc.xerox.com and should be sent in before August 1st.

Enclosed below are the following items:
- the advanced program for the workshop,
- a list of the IWOOOS organizing and program committees,
- registration information (NOTE that early registration ends July 26th)
- hotel information (NOTE that discount rates must be booked before July 13th)

            IWOOOS'95 Advanced Program

The official language for the conference will be English.  

Monday, August 14th

   9:00 - 10:30    Introductions, acknowledgements, and best paper

"Layered, Server-based Support for Object-Oriented Application Development", 
  Guruduth Banavar, Douglas Orr, and Gary Lindstrom

  10:30 - 11:00    Coffee break

  11:00 - 12:00    Session 1

"Multiversioning and Logging in the Grasshopper Kernel Persistent Store"
  Anders Lindstrom

"On Page-based Optimistic Process Checkpointing"
  Alan Dearle and David Hulse

"Object Consistency: A New Model for Distributed Memory Systems"
  Czeslaw K. Kazimierczak and Birger Andersen

  12:00 -  1:30    Lunch

   1:30 -  3:00    Session 2

"Architectural Support for Mobile Objects in Large Scale Distributed Systems"
  S.J. Caughey and S.K. Shrivastava

"OS6: A Distributed Operating System for Next Generation Computer Networks"
  Stephen Pink, Ashley Saulsbury, and Olof Hagsand

"Meta-level architecture support for distributed objects"
  Jeff McAffer

"Making Meta-Object Protocols Practical for Operating Systems"
  Brendan Gowing and Vinny Cahill

   3:00 -  3:30    Coffee break

   3:30 -  5:00    Discussion Session 1

"Are meta-object protocols the silver bullet of systems design or are
they just another name for the old-fashioned notion of designing
flexible systems?"

Tuesday, August 15th

   9:00 - 10:30    Session 3

"Garbage Collection for Hard Real-time Systems"
  Boris Magnusson and Roger Hanriksson

"Log Compaction and Garbage Collection: What could they bring to each other?" 
  Michel Ruffin

"Unification of Active and Passive Objects in Object-Oriented Operating System"
  Kenichi Murata, R. Nigel Horspool, Eric. G Manning, Yasuhiko Yokote,
  and Mario Tokoro

"(De-)Clustering Objects for Multiprocessor System Software"
  Eric Parsons, Ben Gamsa, Orran Krieger, and Michael Stumm

  10:30 - 11:00    Coffee break

  11:00 - 12:00    Session 4

"A Framework of Customizing Transactions in Persistent Object 
Management for Advanced Applications" 
  Keitaro Uehara, Shigekazu Inohara, Hajime Miyazawa, Kouhei Yamamoto,
  Masahiro Hara, and Takashi Masuda

"The Case for Segments"
  Tim Cooper

"An Open Visual Model for Object-Oriented Operating Systems"
  Mohlalefi Sefika and Roy H. Campbell

  12:00 -  1:30    Lunch

   1:30 -  3:00    Session 5

"Building a Secure, Location Transparent Object Invocation System"
  Willy S. Liao, David M. Putzolu, and Roy H. Campbell

"Filtering Duplicated Invocations Using Symetric Proxies"
  Karim R. Mazouni, Benoit Garbinato, and Rachid Guerraoui

"Object Identifiers and Identity: A Naming Issue"
  Pedro Sousa, Rito Silva, and Jose' Alves Marques

"Structuring Operating Systems using Adaptive Objects for Improving Performance"
  Ajei Gopal, Nayeem Islam, Beng-Hong Lim, and Bodhi Mukherjee

"Structuring the Kernel as a Toolkit of Extensible, Reusable Components"
  Christopher Small and Margo Seltzer

   3:00 -  3:30    Coffee break

   3:30 -  5:00    Discussion Session 2

"Is multiple inheritance of classes for global concepts like locking
and distribution actually feasible in real systems?"


    Workshop Chair:     Peter Dickman (University of Glasgow)
    Program Chair:      Marvin Theimer (Xerox PARC)
    Local Arrangement Chair:    Boris Magnusson (University of Lund)
    Publicity Chair:        Yousef Khalidi (Sun Microsystems Labs)
    Publication Chair:      Luis-Felipe Cabrera (IBM) 
    Finance Chair:      David Cohn (University of Notre Dame)


    David Cohn  (University Notre Dame)
    Peter Dickman  (University of Glasgow)
    Alan Dearle  (University of Stirling)
    Yousef A. Khalidi  (Sun Microsystems Labs)
    Paul Leach  (Microsoft)
    Jochen Liedtke  (GMD)
    Boris Magnusson  (University of Lund)
    Calton Pu  (Oregon Graduate Institute)
    Liuba Shrira  (MIT)
    Marvin Theimer  (Xerox PARC)
    Paul Wilson  (University of Texas at Austin)
    Yasuhiko Yokote  (Sony CSL)

        IWOOOS'95 Registration Information

                      Advance              Late/On-site
                 Until July 26, 1995    After July 26, 1995
   Members             85                   45
   Non-members         75                   45
   Students            75                   00

Note that registration for ALL attendees (including students) includes a 
copy of the Proceedings, two lunches, the reception, the banquet and coffee 
breaks.  Accompanying persons may attend the banquet for a fee of 0 
(which is our cost rounded up to include the bus expense), or all meals 
for a fee of 00.

The form should include lines for:
   Name (Last/family, First, Middle, Badge Name)
   Street Address
   IEEE membership #
   Form of payment (Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PO)
   Credit card info (Number, Expiration date, Name, Signature)
   Do you have any special dietary needs?
   Do not include my name on: () Non-Society Mailing List, 
                              () Meeting Attendee list 
The completed form should be returned with a check (in US dollars), a 
credit card endorsement or a purchase order payable to IEEE Computer 
Society to:
   IEEE Computer Society
   1730 Massachusetts Ave., NW
   Washington, DC  20036-1992
   Phone: +1 (202)728-1013
   Fax: +1 (202) 728-0884

Written requests for refunds must be received in the IEEE Computer 
Society office no later than Wednesday, July 26, 1995.  Refunds are 
subject to a 0 (U.S. Dollars) service charge.  Participants with 
confirmed registration who fail to attend or to notify the IEEE Computer 
Society of cancellation prior to the refund date are subject to the full 
fee.  Substitutions are allowed at any time.  Registrations received 
after Friday, August 4, 1995 will be processed on-site only.

             IWOOOS'95 Hotel Information

Hotel Sparta, (24 single rooms blocked at the IEEE discount price)
Price: 450SEK per night (~ 3 US), mention IWOOOS, before 13th july
Hotel Starta, Tunavaegen 39., 223 63 LUND
ph:  int'l+46-46-19 16 00
fax: int'l+46-46-12 85 25
Hotel Grand. (30 single rooms blocked at the IEEE discount price, 
              they also have many more rooms)
Price: 845SEK (~ 17 US), mention IWOOOS - booking AW448, before 13 july
Grand Hotel, Bantorget 1, Box 1136, 221 04  LUND
ph:  int'l+46-46-11 70 10
fax: int'l+46-46-14 73 01