Interface(s), etc. (was Re: release

'Chris Harris' B. Harris
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 14:16:35 -0700 (PDT)

First off, I'd be dying to know if this here interface(s) project is 
supposed to have a trailing s.  It's more all-encompasing that way, but 
it makes it a bit akward to say.  Details, details, details....

As for me, it looks like I'm actually going to be in town with not _too_ 
much going on for the months of June and July.  Augest I'm with the ol' 
family in England almost the whole time, so I guess I'd better get 
cracking here before that sets in....

As Fare has pointed out, the whole project hasn't been making much 
progress, at least outside of what he's been doing.  I'll be trying to 
get the Interface(s) project going again asap, and see where that leads.  
Having a bit of a problem with that, with my PC (which has all my 
computer-related important stuff on it) currently is being refurnished, 
as to make room for Linux, NT and Tunes, but the ol' repartitioning job 
shouldn't take _too_ long, or at least I hope not....

One question I've been wanting to sort of throw out here is how it's 
possible to develop the high-level items such as HLL, Interfaces, etc. 
when there is no low-level stuff to work with.  How can we design the HLL 
syntax or some cool GUI without a foundation to test/run it on, without 
test applications/objects being built alongside it?  As a high-level 
person here, I'm feeling there are a lot of cool ideas to play with, but 
I'm not certain where I'm able to start without having to write lots of 
crappy, temporary low-level items that will just get thrown away in the 
long run.  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help, and keep TUNESing!


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