Tcl!?!??? *8-C~

'Chris Harris' B. Harris
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 11:57:37 -0700 (PDT)

Okay, then -- I'll forget every intent of looking at TCL.  =)  (Fine with 
me -- saves some good-for-nothing work!)

I think when I was thinking about TCL (and maybe Fare too), I was 
thinking more about experimenting with Tk than with TCL itself.  So 
another language interface should be fine there.  Really, if we're just 
going to ignore whatever language I experiment with here in the long run 
(in favor of the HLL, y'know?), this is more about creating interfaces 
than ellegant code.  But learning a better language at the same time 
would probably be a plus....

Thanks for the suggestions!


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On Wed, 14 Jun 1995, Rainer Blome wrote:

> Are you kidding?  Tk is OK (even great, maybe?  I have next to no
> experience with it.)  But Tcl?  If you intend to make anything
> useful, you should use some Scheme version instead:
> Scheme Tk or Guile (the GNU scripting language under development)
> or OScheme, which a Scheme with an Object system based on prototypes (If I
> only had more time to check that one out!).
> <A HREF="">STk (acess Tk via Scheme)</A>
> <A HREF="">OScheme</A>
> <A HREF="">Guile-II</A>
> To get to know the power of Scheme, read Abelson/Sussman's `Structure and
> Interpretation of Computer Programs', if you haven't already.  That's such
> a great book, I should have read it two years earlier.
> Tcl sucks.  Check out
> <A HREF="">
> 	Comparisons of Tcl with other systems</A>
> Cheerio,	Rainer