Francois-Rene Rideau
Mon, 6 Mar 95 21:16:21 MET

Ok. Patch is out.
Remember I'll automatically send uuencoded patches to you if you ask me.
Else, you can get them (or the full distribution) by ftp.

A Changelog is now included in the WWW pages...

Here is the entry:

<A NAME=""><H2>Changes from version to</H2></A>
<LI>Created this very
	<A HREF="Changelog.html">Changelog</A> ;)
<LI>Created the
	<A HREF="Migration/Migration.html">Migration</A> subproject.
<LI>Reformatted the list of
	<A HREF="Project_Members.html">Project Members</A>,
	added <A HREF="Project_Members.html#Kodrin">Kodrin</A>,
	and wrote a personal (Faré's)
	<A HREF="Project_Members.html#Fare>note</A>
	about seeking maintainers.
<LI>Translated the i386 boot sector from TASM into AS86+M4

   I decided to use AS86 instead of TASM for the i386 code, because
as a free project, we cannot afford building on commercial bases.
Moreover AS86+m4 (m4 is a true macro preprocessor, unlike the CPP
caricature) is better than TASM, after we write the right macros.
(managing multiple "segments" is possible through diversion).

   Still thinking about the HLL. Could you send suggestions ?
I'll also try to write a lot of examples, to study the right syntax.

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