Tell me about YOUR expectations.

Francois-Rene Rideau
Mon, 6 Mar 95 21:58:16 MET

   Many people ask: "What will Tunes look like ?"
This is definitely a very important question question.

   I think we should elaborate the project according to real-life examples.
We shall write real-life-like examples of interaction between the human
and Tunes, that'll show how new and superior it is. Let's be down to earth.
   What did YOU expect from your computer that you could not do at all,
or not at reasonable cost, on existing OSes ? Could you describe *exactly*
what interaction you'd have expected from the computer ?
   Hey, that's YOUR project. Prove it !
   I have an example that I've written some years ago, but it's in french.
I'll translate... next on the WWW pages...

   Theory is fine: it's the only sure way we have to improve life.
But theory without practice is not worth much; it's just philosophy.
Ethics is the art of applying philosophy using reasonable real-world
   This project is not purely philosophical; it's not purely experimental;
it's ethical.

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