Tunes activity, LLL

Chris Harris
Mon, 6 Mar 1995 17:00:55 -0800 (PST)

About the mailing list archive, I have a folder full of a few things I 
probably ought to update things with.  My question, though, is if I 
should.  If you're using hypermail for the entire project, maybe it'd be 
better if I used it for the UI stuff too, as a matter of being 
consistant.  I guess my system does have some advantages, like 
commentary in the index about what each thread is about.  Any thoughts on 

Also, if I only update the mailing list archive, should I only send 
patches to the mailing list .tar subfile, or to the entire UI package?  I 
guess both would be the same.  Um, one problem I have with this tar 
stuff: I'm not sure if I remember the order I last tared everything in, 
so making a new patch will be difficult.  I guess that stuff is in the 
file, although a bit of a pain to get to.  Might there be a better system 

And just so you know, I still am alive.  (Don't know why I'm not telling 
everyone this, but that's okay.)  Currently working on some thoughts RE 
the process model, as well as preparing a "Let's get the UI off the 
ground" e-mail.  Look for it sometime, although I'm not sure when.


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