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Francois-Rene Rideau rideau@clipper.ens.fr
Sat, 11 Mar 95 2:05:41 MET

Chris said:
> About the mailing list archive, I have a folder full of a few things I 
> probably ought to update things with.  My question, though, is if I 
> should.  If you're using hypermail for the entire project, maybe it'd be 
> better if I used it for the UI stuff too, as a matter of being 
> consistant.  I guess my system does have some advantages, like 
> commentary in the index about what each thread is about.  Any thoughts on 
> this?
   Well, hypermail has several flaws: it's completely automatic, so
recreating the html archive from the mail archive with hypermail may change
the file number of the messages, as two archives are managed independently :(
and will also lose any changes made manually upon the archive.
   All this archive management should sure be done anew, but I'd like do
it when Tunes is running, as an exercise and demonstration in Tunes
programming. Any help welcome writing software under either Unix or Tunes.
   Meanwhile, we should either manually translate the articles, or point
to files created by hypermail from the official mail archive (not those
generated incrementally from my mail filter). Any taker to manage the latter ?

> Also, if I only update the mailing list archive, should I only send
> patches to the mailing list .tar subfile, or to the entire UI package?  I 
> guess both would be the same.  Um, one problem I have with this tar 
> stuff: I'm not sure if I remember the order I last tared everything in, 
> so making a new patch will be difficult.  I guess that stuff is in the 
> file, although a bit of a pain to get to.  Might there be a better system 
> here?
   Well, either send me patches relative to the "officially released" pages,
or send me a tar or zip archive of it all; I'll incorporate the changes into
the official release, available by ftp as the whole distribution or as patches.

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