Marek Novy
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 13:09:26 +0100

Dear Fare,

You are right your point of view is more radical than mine. You are also right
I have been thinking about such ideas a short period (a month). BatOS is side
effect of my dissertation - Constraint Programming Framework in Beta. I don't
work very hard on BatOS and I'll probalbly concentrate on the main topic during
the following year.

After reading of Tunes page I was really suprised I agree with you in so many
points. There is a lot of excellent analysis and requirements work. I missed
more specific solutions. The HLL semantics is quite incomplete I can't
recognize if I agree or not. There is just very general comments here.

* Efficiency

I believe in need of efficiency. You can see programs work so-so fast on 8-bit
Sinclair and also on Alpha Server. Computational power is a limitation for a
lot of 'possible' application. It's possible it will be the same forever. A
faster computer allows inventing of new kinds of application. Efficiency is
also reason I'm interesting in Beta. It has potential for the efficincy and
also for the flexibility.
If I not believe in need of efficiency I'll be a happy fanatic Smalltalk

* Simplicity

As we know from history only simle things are succesfull. You find so many
requirements it isn't possible to keep lamguage and mainly OS simple. Ussually
there is balance between system comlexity and imlementation security. Big
system like Tunes is very difficult to implement without bugs and security
holes. Designer of any system must find a set of reguiremets whose are really

I'd like to know more about Tunes than I find on its page.

Happy to hear about you latter.

Marek Novy, University of West Bohemia

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