Marek Novy
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 10:26:13 +0100

On Mar 14,  1:49pm, Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:
> Subject: Re: Tunes
> > BatOS is side
> > effect of my dissertation - Constraint Programming Framework in Beta.
>    I'd be happy to learn more about it!

On the Beta home page there is a paper about a previous work on constraint
framework. I saw this link in your page, but it is There is also Beta intro and tutorial there.

>    Do you mean that the single-computer processing barrier will soon be
> reach ?

I mean desired needs are growing function of offered power.

Where could I get something about Self and Scheme. I've just heard about it. I
can't get a book for instance, because there is no such classical soures
available here. I'm using only Net.

More extra comment about typing.
You recognnized types as a security mechanism. But types aren't only protocol
for communication. It is also a piece of information for compiler what is
already fixed (static). Problem of Smalltalk efficiency is object reference
without type. Reference could be qualified by protocol (near your point of
view). But unfortunatelly compiler isn't able to use such reduced information
to make references more fast.

In BETA, pattern (type) is description. If you can say anything you'll have to
create a new pattern. Inheritance means extending of patterns. Patterns can
contain nested patterns. You can define nested patterns as virtual. It means in
future extensions you can also extend nested patterns. Summary: It's up to you
if you make it static or dynamic (extensible). Possibility to make it static
allows efficient target code.

But I recognized you want to have everything generic (dynamic).

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