new release

Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri, 17 Mar 95 20:28:35 MET

Tunes 0.0.0 Internal Release 11 is out.
Full distribution or patch available by ftp or mail if you ask/subscribe to me
as usual.
Un-html-ified Exerpt from the Changelog.html:

* Created a Review subproject with its own subdirectory
* Modified slightly the Migration subproject
* Added words to the glossary:
	Utility, Expediency, Root, Super-user, liberty.
* wrote and annotated the lame "C" version of the sieve example
	in the HLL subproject
 [Note: it was before Jecel sent me his version from Byte]
* rewrote in m4 all the macros for structured programming from the TASM
	version, i.e. all that was difficult (working __IF__,__THEN__,
	__ELSE__,__ENDIF__; any taker add support for _ELSEIF__ ???).
	m4 is powerful, but its horrible syntax makes it suck!
	I've written a README there and info files to describe what has already
	been done.
* Still looking for maintainers for all those subprojects:
	Review, Migration, LLL, OTOP, i386, C translator.

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