More UI Thoughts

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu, 23 Mar 95 20:20:39 MET

> "I" project?  definitely a misnomer.  sounds like "I robot" ;).
   Well, then we shall keep the entire word "Interface" (or Interfaces ?).

> chris, your definition would make it an alias for "Tunes" coz the language
> is the interface, in a sense.  to that i'd prefer the other way round, the
> UI as a subproject of the language.  but let's keep it like it is, even if
> it is just to prevent too deep a nesting of subprojects
> (tunes/hll/lib/ui/... ;).
   Again, these are extreme positions, that I twice fell into,
but now the solution is obvious to me: you don't interface to nothing,
but to abstractions that are defined in other projects. The HLL subproject
ought to define the semantics, and the I/F subproject will help it define
the syntax. The LLL subproject ought to define the low-level video
primitives, and the I/F subproject will help it define how these are
mapped to human-usable abstractions. The I/F does not define very advanced
algorithms, but rather proposes user-level views on objects (e.g. visible
stacks, windowed screen, tune-driven sound interface), preference solving
policies, etc, and helps other project define their specifications so that
TUNES is a coherent system.
   The I/F is the shape; the HLL is the structure; the LLL is
the basis; the Migration is the flux; Information is the substratum.

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