TUNES Activity

Francois-Rene Rideau
Mon, 27 Mar 95 21:07:05 MET DST

Dear joyous Tunespeople,
   forgive me to say you do not look like as joyous as you used to do.
I can find many people, including you on the list, who say they'd be
happy for TUNES to succeed, but few who are ready to take active part in
TUNES development, at least until it reaches some critical mass not
   I'd like you to help me determine this mass, so I can focus on reaching
it sooner (any other kind of help also welcome):
What exactly do *you* expect from an OS that is clumsily done ?
What criticism can you make of the work being done ?
What ideas would you like it to integrate ?
What would make you feel more like participating ?

P.S.: though I've made *many* changes to the TUNES stuff (particularly
LLL ideas and i386 coding), that are available by ftp or http at usual
addresses, patch is delayed a bit because of bad floppy problem,
booting still uncomplete, and Interfaces subproject to replace UI.
Once it is released, I'll be less available for some weeks because of exams
I have to prepare ): but I'll still be here to integrate any patch that you
may send to me.