TUNES Activity

Raul Miller
Mon, 27 Mar 95 16:15 EST


I got into this via Mike's project (classified here as "LLL").  The
goals currently expressed are significantly different from those that
originally got me interested.

Basically, I don't see that there are any current goals here which
require discarding the underlying operating system.  The present
effort seems to concentrate on user interface issues.

Oh, sure, there's concepts like "we don't need ___" (fill in the
blank).  But it seems, to me, most useful to consider those statements
as "we don't need to address ___".

Anyways, my strengths are not in the area of user interface design (I
do that with lots of interaction with my users, not out of my head),
but in the area of elegant solutions to large problems.  I don't see
my skills being particularly useful here.  [And, I've got plenty of
low-level grunge work to keep me busy, so I'm not going to just jump
into coding for the sake of coding.]

Basically, it looks to me like you're at a prototype stage, and (a) it
doesn't seem like the prototype ought to be very hard, and (b) I'd be
more worried about not understanding your intent than I would be about
any technical issue relating to implementation.

Does this make sense?

Raul Miller