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Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri, 5 May 95 12:12:36 MET DST

> Faré, you wrote:
Wow, I received this accent right !

> This seems to ambitious to me for now.  We want to build a system that
> enables us to work on this high a level, but not immediately so.  I believe
> the system should be layered.
Of course. I was only talking about the final target. First implementation
steps should be merely allocating space for such information, as well as
security signatures/proofs. All this information won't be actually used by
preliminary TUNES boot code. That's step 1.

> The lower layer handles identification (numbering, naming) of versions
> only and doesn't deal with the meaning of ids other than lineage.  The id
> is kept small and won't blow up the size of medium-sized objects (e.g
> methods).  This is what we need immediately.
Well, even that is step 2.

> The next layer(s) handles modules and the semantic relationships you
> mentioned.  That layer should be implemented on top of HLL (as a module!?
> ;-).
Exactly !

> For the time being we'll emulate that layer by thinking.
Or rather by not thinking at all, and trusting blindly.
This hopefully will be true only for boot modules.
As soon as possible, we should built safer module-managing modules...

>> * there is a ("intelligently") locally cached global (yes, really) database
>>  of known  dependencies, that serves as a basis to the above inference
>> system.
>> [...]
>>    This database is really a world-wide knowledge database.
> That is *way* beyond Tunes 1.0.
Sure, but remember, TUNES is a long-term project. This is the general
direction. Of course the beginnings are much more modest, but we must
keep this main goal in mind.

>> * there is some global unique addressing scheme used by the above database.
> This is essential for all (a lot) of Tunes.
Indeed !

> Rainer
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